True Engineering
Aug 2018 - June 2022
Senior Software Engineer
I started my career at a company based in Novosibirsk, Russia, where I worked for four years. I made significant progress in my career there, transitioning from a Junior to a Senior position. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including compact monolithic systems and a high-load web application developed using microservices architecture. I gained considerable experience in these projects in both backend and frontend technologies.
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For insurance company
I worked on two projects with similar functionality. Both projects involved developing web applications for inspecting cars after accidents and determining insurance coverage. In one of these projects, I was responsible for developing the backend of the underwriter platform, while in the other project, I worked on the frontend of the role-based access control management.
For merchandising managers
This project was for a company aimed at improving the merchandising process by providing a comprehensive web application. This solution was designed to cater to the different needs of the entire merchandising team, including managers, supervisors, and merchandisers. I was responsible for the development of the web application (both backend and frontend) that enabled supervisors and managers to have complete control over the quality of distribution and effectively manage the routes for merchandisers. I led the development of a significant feature from the initial requirements gathering phase through to deployment, and managed all aspects of the development lifecycle.
For airline company
A high-load web application with microservices architecture was designed for economists, providing a comprehensive suite of accounting and analytics tools. The project handles over 80,000 transactions daily, which are sourced from multiple agents for each ticket. The user works with this merged entity. Subsequently, the economist performs budget reconciliation and generates various reports to identify mistakes and reduce discrepancies in the budget. My responsibilities include leading a huge part of the backend and frontend development, mentoring developers, leading architecture decision-making, and ensuring software quality and performance.
Project Impact
  • Led the development of a high-load enterprise web application for one of the largest private airlines with over 80 000 transactions per day within a year;
  • Reduced developer involvement in resolving client issues by developing a user interface that displays corporate client balance changes;
  • Improved report generation speed for two reports, achieving a 34% improvement by implementing elasticsearch aggregation, and a 60% improvement by developing a dedicated microservice;
  • Processed data from various sources using technologies like Kafka, SOAP, SMTP, SMB, and FTP;
  • Implemented project and infrastructure documentation, that improved team productivity and reduced the time required for onboarding new hires;
  • Participated in the entire software development life cycle, starting from getting requirements and creating user stories, and up to leading release test processes;
  • Developed a front-end Angular application from scratch for role-based access control management;
  • Developed a Spring Boot application from scratch for property insurance calculation;
  • Mentored Junior Java developers, leading to their achieving middle-level proficiency within a year.
  • Leading the development of web-applications;
  • Writing and maintaining technical documentation, including user manuals and system documentation;
  • Designing and implementing scalable and efficient solutions that meet the requirements of the project;
  • Prioritizing and assigning tasks among teammates;
  • Creating new features and fixing bugs with test coverage;
  • Assisting and resolving client issues;
  • Maintaining and improving the current code base;
  • Participating in code reviews;
  • Evaluate and decompose tasks;
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including designers, product managers, and other developers;
  • Mentoring Junior developers.
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